Kelly Clarkson Tickets!!

A sort of sub list to my “Things I want to do now” list includs people or groups I have to see live. Thanks to my wonderful roommate I will get a chance to check number 1 off of my list on January 21st!

1. Kelly Clarkson! (the true american idol)

I firmly believe that everyone should live their lives like the people in this video.

2. Madonna

If you have never seen the sticky and sweet concert DVD you are living a half-life.

3. Daft Punk

4. Robyn

5. Beyonce

6. Lady Gaga

I have seen her twice but you could never see enough Gaga.

So there you have it. Obviously I love pop music…or I just prefer to see those shows live.

If you could see anyone live who would it be?


Holiday Sweepstake Madness

As the holidays are getting closer it seems that everyone is offering an opportunity to win free stuff. is giving away $2,500 a week for adding items from other websites to your Amazon wish list, Wheel of Fortune has their Secret Santa Sweepstakes, Ellen is gearing up to kick off her annual 12 Days of Giveaways, Better Homes and Gardens has daily giveaways till November 30th, the list goes on and on. Sadly the mother of all holiday giveaways, Oprah’s favorite things, is no longer a reality. WRONG! O Magazine is doing a favorite things issue called O’s 12-Day Holiday Give-O-Way, entry starts on November 28th.

Winning free stuff is definitely something I would like to have happen to me someday and I was a really lucky kid so I figure why wouldn’t that transfer into adulthood?

My strategy is simple. Enter as many of these giveaways and sweepstakes as I can over the next few days/weeks, stock up on my good karma, and cross my fingers. So far I have entered at and, I have downloaded a nifty new button, I have a Wheel ID, and you better believe November 28th is marked on my calendar.

A picture of my lucky number for good measure.

Someday I really wish I am in a position to do an amazing giveaway. My dream job would be to host Meredith’s favorite things all year round…ahhhh someday.

Wish me luck! Ill keep you posted if I hear any good news…or if you have decided to enter yourself please email for the address where you may send half your winnings. 🙂

I Believe I Can Fly Documentary

This blows my mind. Can’t wait to watch the entire doc.

I found this trailer on my twitter and I had to share it. Can you believe there are human beings fearless enough to attempt this stuff?

To watch more of the video visit this blog:

I think skydiving will be enough for me. How extreme is too extreme for you?

Next on the list, more adrenaline!

I spent some quality time with the family in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida this weekend. It was just what I needed.

While walking to that large pink building in the distance we got to talking about parasailing and other adrenaline inducing activities. I found out that my Mom’s husband (she got married this summer) has been skydiving and enjoys the occasional risky adventure, finally I’m not the only one!

Last week I mentioned the early part of my Want To Do Now (Soon) List, which included a lot of running, but i didn’t mention that the very first thing I wrote down when I started the list was skydiving. Here is the part of the list that will make my Mother’s skin crawl. Sorry Mom.

1. Skydive (with a parachute)
2. Zip Line
3. Bungy Jump off the Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand
4. Polar Bear swim
5. Ride Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure (It was closed when I was there a few weeks ago)
6. Participate in a live improv show
7. Paint ball fight!

I don’t know if adrenaline is addictive or if being a 26-year-old in New York City would make anyone want to jump out of a plane, but I day dream about skydiving or bungy jumping at least once a week.

If you are a thrill seeker then what gets your heart pumping?

Run for fun?

I posted last week about cutting out the middle men and just doing the things that you want to do. In the spirit of practicing what you preach I went home that night and started a list of things I want to do. This isn’t a bucket list…more a what I Want To Do Now List (WTDNL – if you will). I’ll only get into the first part of it today.

Since June I have been on a huge getting into shape kick so the first part of my list dealt mostly with health and fitness. I started working out on the elliptical but became bored really easily. I needed to unleash my competitive side and it was clear I would only have myself to compete with sooooooo I decided to do something that scares the crap out of me, running.

I feel ya Homer.

Until recently my feelings about running could be summed up by Back to the Future 3 “Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?” When you grow up you are told not to run in the hallways and I REALLY followed that rule. Then about a year ago I read a book called Born to Run and started to come around to the idea. Okay that’s a lie, I started to think about starting to come around to the idea.

Click on the pic to go to Amazon.

About two months ago I was finally ready to give running a try which is why it was the first thing on my mind when I started the WTDNL…it’ll catch on.

1. Run a 5k
2. Run a 10K
3. Run a half marathon
4. Run a marathon

The first week of running was hell. I decided to start out on the treadmill so I could keep better track of my progress. Day 1 I could barely run 25 mins at 5mph (thats like an 11+ min per mile pace)…it was bad but at least I had a starting point. My plan was simple enough, every time I ran my goal was to “beat” my last run. If a 2 mile run was scheduled I would aim to run it at least one second faster then the last 2 mile run. If a 30 min run was scheduled I would set the treadmill at least one speed higher then the last 30 min run.

About a week ago I ran my 10K on the treadmill while watching The Biggest Loser. Side note: I schedule my long runs on Tuesday so I can watch The Biggest Loser while I run. This habit is motivated by the middle aged woman inside me. Her name is Towanda and I love her. Anyway, I ran the 10K in just under an hour and now I’m hooked.

Didn't see that one coming.

On Thanksgiving Day I will check number one off of my list by running the 28th Annual Dan Gibbons 5K Turkey Trot in my home town Elmhurst. I’m super stoked because I get to run this 5K with, Courtney, one of my best friends. Can’t wait to see how it goes. To prepare I’m doing the same 10K training I just finished but I am ditching the treadmill for the streets/parks of Brooklyn.

Good luck to everyone running the NYC marathon on Sunday, including my roommates dad…what a badass!

Any runners out there with tips or advise? Do you have any running goals on your WTDNL?


My roommate and I are obsessed with Dexter. Last year we decided that we had to throw a Halloween party and turn our living room into a Dexter kill room. We spent nearly a year constantly talking about it and this weekend we finally got the chance to do it.

For those of you wondering what a Dexter kill room is.

Dexter basically covers a room in plastic and hangs pictures of all of the people his victim has killed.

Thursday night Andrew, our friend Kendall and I went on a journey to Lowes to pick up supplies for the kill room and discovered that if we actually wanted to be Dexter style serial killers we would never get away with it. We asked nearly every employee in the store where to find plastic sheeting (each one sent us to a different wrong place). By the time we got out of there everyone at Lowes probably wondered what the hell we were doing with 1200 Sq feet of sheet plastic…not very stealthy of us.

Another reason we could never be Dexter style serial killers is that it took all three of us and several hours to set up the kill room. Maybe we just need more practice.

And a little less of this.

I was pretty happy with the final outcome though! The pictures we put up were all people who RSVPed to the party. It was fun watching everyone try to find their pictures.

The finished room.

Your humble hostesses.

Victim and Dexter.

I was the victim of Dexter’s kill room so I guess that means I’m a serial killer who offed all of my friends…want to come to my next party?

Here are some of my favorite costumes from the party. You guys all looked awesome.

Okay that last one was not an invitee to the party because we don’t condone underage drinking. I found him on and I could eat ’em up.

What was your Halloween costume?